About Us

Through decades of dealing and handling clients needs, ACI has developed itself to become a leading supplier and distributor catering to the Oil and Gas, Water Treatment and Desalination, and the Building Utility sectors with the highest quality industrial equipment such steel pipes, valves and fittings.

We maintain a large stock to serve our clients needs in a timely manner. ACI, with the support of its highly experienced technical staff, has established itself in the Lebanese, Gulf and the African markets as the most reliable supplier.

In a world constantly evolving at a rapid pace, we make sure to introduce the most exclusive technical solutions from around the world.

We highly believe in great service as much as we believe in the quality of our products. We work closely with our approved and certified manufacturers to deliver quality products. Our previous and current successful work with major international companies and contractors is a testament to our reputation. We know the importance of efficiency in order to compete in this industry and we strive to always perform at our highest standards.

Our certified quality system, account-oriented approach, technical skills and training of our people guarantee an efficient and cost-effective response to our clients needs.

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